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  Let go of negative emotions holistically! It's so important to cleanse your body and your environment when life seems overwhelming. Our bracelet releases unwanted energy, creating space that allows you to focus on the positive. Measuring an average of 7 inches and strung on stretchy string, it comes free with any purchase of $75 or more. A great value! You can also purchase one for just $25 + S&H.


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Our wellness products are designed to help the wearer find balance between mind, body, and spirit. At Jewelry with a Purpose, we believe in balancing the body from the first Chakra in turn on up to the seventh. The seventh Chakra is not a destination, but a rebirth of divine enlightenment. To receive the full benefit of this life changing potential, it is imperative that the user focus on the intention of the piece allowing a metaphysical connection with it's energy. Access to the energy of each individual stone and crystal requires the ability to hold great faith and hope in the limitless possibilities that can be found within each of us.
You can use an intention such as: "I allow the healing life force energy of this necklace into my body."


7. Crown Chakra - violet
6. Brow Chakra (third eye) - indigo

5. Throat Chakra - blue

4. Heart Chakra - green

3. Solar Plexus Chakra - yellow

2. Naval Chakra (sacral) - orange

1. Base Chakra (root or sex chakra) - red


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